Know Your Stuff: Review Speaks Volumes

If you really want to know how good a product is, check out the reviews.  At La Beaute Pure ( we recently introduced a new Hyaluronic Acid Serum to their Amazon store and the results are in.  Customers are wild about the anti-aging results of the new product.

Angela, “Health Conscious Mom”, had this to say, “The serum melts into the skin and leaves my skin super soft after use. The ingredients are high quality and the dark bottle and dropper dispenser keeps the product fresh.  I started using this product to help with aging. I have been using it for a little over a week and a half, and so far so good. I have not seen any major changes wrinkle-wise, but my skin is a lot less dry and doesn’t get as red after irritation.  I smell all products, so I’ll let you know that this product smells pleasant. I have used other serums that work well but smell horrible. That is not the case with this serum.”

The serum does melt right into the skin where it attracts moisture and holds it in.  The Hyaluronic Acid derivative is from the seed of the flower, Cassia angustifolia.  Research has proven that this derivative is an excellent source when topically applied.

Another point Angela brought out was that the bottle and the dropper are dark amber.  That is so that none of the light sensitive ingredients lose any of their potency.  A product is only as good as it’s delivery system, meaning it can be a produced as a great product but if it doesn’t reach you in the same great condition, it is useless.

Generally, it does take a little longer than a week to see results on actual wrinkles but almost immediately, you should begin to feel the moisturizing effects just as Angela did.  It is best to first cleanse the skin and use a toner if you choose to do so.  Then, use our Vitamin C Serum ( to maximize your results.  Next, it’s time for the Hyaluronic Acid.  Simply massage it in with your fingertips, avoiding the eye area, of course.  It is recommended that your face be a little damp when you put it on because the HA will trap the moisture in.  After applying it, you can then use a moisturizer and again, the HA will set the moisture from it in as well.

Hyaluronic Acid is nature’s moisturizer.  It hydrates from the inside out.  As the skin hydrates, it will plump and become supple as it was when you were younger. 

La Beaute Pure Hyaluronic Acid is available on Amazon: .

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