DIY Anti-Oxidant Serum Bath Salt Recipe: Kick Your Feet Up and Soak Awhile


If you are feeling a bit run down and your skin is telling the tale, you simply must try this age-defying DIY bath salt recipe.  It will leave your skin younger looking and will melt away stress too.  Go ahead, whip this up in no time while you run a good hot bath.

Epsom salt is fantastic for your skin.  It’s like an anti-oxidant serum for your entire body but it actually isn’t a salt at all but rather a natural mineral compound that is composed of magnesium and sulfate.  The minerals absorb into the skin where they detoxify, soothe aching muscles and leaves your skin feeling smooth and silky.  It is a great stress reliever too.

Natural sea salt is awesome for your skin too.  Be sure to choose the kind that is unprocessed and sun baked.  Sea salt is great for skin irritations, improves circulation, opens up clogged pores and hydrates too.

Rosemary essential oil has an earthy scent that is a little like eucalyptus mixed with pine.  It is simply intoxicating and very relaxing.  It is a powerful antimicrobial and an antiseptic too so it is excellent for eczema, acne and dermatitis.   It moisturizes and leaves your skin glowing.

Peppermint essential oil is invigorating and soothing all at the same time.  It has a very pleasing menthol scent and s known to be a very effective remedy for pain, it relaxes aching muscles.Peppermint oil is very nourishing for the skin and helps balance the oils too.

For this anti-oxidant serum bath soak, you will need:

1 cup Epsom Salts

1/4 cup Sea Salts

10-15 drops Rosemary Essential Oil

10-15 drops Peppermint Essential Oil

Now all you do is mix the ingredients together in a bowl.  Use a scoop or two for your bath now and store the rest in an airtight plastic or glass container to save for later. Or, you can always share some with a friend.

You’re going to love this anti-oxidant serum salt bath soak.  You will want to set aside some time to take in all the goodness it has to offer so get the “do not disturb” sign on the door and turn your phone off while you’re at it.  Enjoy!

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